Architecture is the cornerstone of Bermello, Ajamil & Partners, Inc. While the firm has expanded into a multidisciplinary A/E practice, it remains committed to excellence in architectural design. The creative process of solving problems in an imaginative and cost-conscious manner is not a function of circumstance, but the diligent application of talent and expertise. We strive to maintain a balance; to turn each vision into an award-winning forward thinking solution that will stand the test of time for our clients. Our architecture group practices within the context of B&A’s multidisciplinary workplace, supported by Engineering, Planning, Landscape Architecture, and Interior Design.


B&A’s Interior Design Studio offers solutions that look great and improve functionality, which brings returns on investment. As we guide clients through the design process, we lead the way towards innovative solutions that support objectives, create value and improve the interior environment. We create environments not just spaces.


The B&A Landscape Architecture team focuses on providing our clients with innovative and sustainable design solutions that celebrate the environment. The B&A Landscape Architecture team is dedicated to delivering distinctive projects that respond to the needs of our clients and provide contemporary responses to the historic, cultural and environmental attributes of each site.


B&A’s urban design and planning team are professional problem solvers and designers that utilize a multi-disciplinary approach that considers the world around us, the people who live in it and the places that inspire them.  We are driven by a desire to help our clients achieve their goals while remaining socially and environmentally responsible.  We create places that inspire.


Our engineering group offers multiple services ranging from civil and environmental engineering to construction engineering inspection.  Our staff knows that roadways to water and sewer facilities are key to the quality of life we all enjoy in our communities.  B&A specializes in providing reliable, quality engineering design services that both solve today’s challenges and are flexible enough to meet tomorrow’s needs.


Bermello Ajamil & Partners, Inc. has 15 years of experience performing plan review and inspection services to local municipalities. B&A has reviewed over 360 projects and provided the necessary documentation for permitting and the required inspections for occupancy and use of those projects. Our in house staffs of certified and licensed plan reviewers and inspectors are experienced and knowledgeable with the Florida Building Code, Florida Fire Protection Code (FFPC), NEC, and State Requirements for Educational Facilities (SREF) along with all applicable county and state codes.

In 1992, B&A made a conscious decision to create a Public Involvement Department in recognition that outreaching and involving the public was integral part of any successful project. B&A’s multi-disciplinary background and professional experience with infrastructure projects in planning, project development, design, and finally construction, provides us with the framework to provide public outreach to meet the goals and objectives and operational needs of our public and private clients.

B&A strives to be at the forefront of technological advancements in the field of design and planning, and we understand the importance of incorporating these technologies in our work. This is why B&A has invested in UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) technology or drones, due to the added value that it will bring to our clients. We firmly believe that this new UAV technology will revolutionize the way we approach the architectural and planning process. Through the use of drones, our design team now has access to a nearly infinite number of angles, scales, and elevations, and still-imagery that has been previously elusive.

Benefits of UAV Aerial Footage and Surveying includes:

  • Generating reliable and accurate surveys in a fraction of the time
  • High resolution photography and video (4k at 60 FPS)
  • Capable of capturing not only 2D data (orthomosaic photography, aerials, etc.), but through the use of photogrammetry software, can also generate 3D data (interactive models).
  • Progress tracking via “flight missions” that can be programmed to the drone (missions/mapping can be re-flown and compared against previous models)
  • Generate informative data maps such as elevation maps, plant health data

B&A understands that Virtual Reality (VR) can be a powerful tool for communicating design intent with our clients. VR and Oculus (head-mounted displays) allows both designers and clients to visualize options, build and modify at will, at any stage of project realization.

The Benefits of VR and Oculus are:

  • Using HMD’s (head-mounted displays) such as Oculus, designers and clients can immerse themselves in full-scale 3D designs
  • Ttranslate 3D models into a walkable environment, allowing designers and clients to make/validate design decisions while experiencing a one-to-one environment – all in real time.
  • Allows user to easily connect with a sense of scale and place in environment.
  • Enhanced design collaboration between all involved, allowing for streamlined delivery of services
  • Simulate real-world scenarios (wayfinding, traffic, lighting, etc.)
  • Level of detail can range from Tier 1 (programmatic/volumetric) to Tier 4 (photorealistic)