San Juan Terminal 4 – Rehabilitation and Expansion

The Expansion of the Existing Terminal and Pier for Muelle 4 in San Juan, Puerto Rico will accommodate larger passenger capacity and larger cruise ships. The expansion starts with the widening and lengthening of the existing east side working apron to accommodate the larger cruise ships in conjunction with new, modern passenger loading gangways.

Carefully integrated around and above the existing ground transportation area will be the new terminal expansion that includes a new entrance core at the mouth of the pier and a new second level embarkation hall (with security and check-in) that connects directly to the second floor of the existing terminal. The existing cruise terminal shall be renovated and reconfigured to accommodate larger waiting / seating lounge areas on the second floor and a larger baggage laydown and CBP area on the ground floor.

The vision is to create a new modern Architecture as the “Gateway” to Puerto Rico from the Cruise Ships, with a new image / identity for Pier 4 while preserving and integrating the existing terminal. The exterior cladding of the new terminal shall have clean lines with depth, movement, shade and shadow, lots of transparency through tinted glazing to maximize views for passengers flowing through the terminal while creating both a dynamic day-time & night-time presence on the waterfront.