MassPort Cruiseport Boston GTA Study

Moving forward from the preliminary master plan done for the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal and surrounds, Massport wished to have schematic roadway and hardscape configuration drawings prepared to provide to the City of Boston and / or the EDIC to use as a design basis as the City moves forward with their project to pave the Black Falcon roadway (that provides ingress, egress and GTA for the cruise facilities) as well as the schematic design for development of the Ground Transportation Area (GTA 1) located west of the primary Black Falcon Cruise Terminal concurrently with the roadway paving project.

This area will then be able to accommodate the needs of buses/commercial carriers that are transporting passengers from remote locations to improve efficiency and flow capacity, without negatively impacting the operations of the cruise lines.  B&A created site planning exhibits detailing modal splits within the roadway system and required adjacent pedestrian zones with a level of information that will allow the city to develop the detailed design documentation required to facilitate a paving and roadway appurtenance installation in the near future.