B&A has designed and engineered all aspects of aviation facilities throughout North and Central America and the Caribbean which includes cargo warehouses, to airport hangars and most notably new terminals and concourse facilities, including Admirals Clubs, First Class lounges and other passenger areas.


The commercial expertise of B&A focuses on mixed-use developments that combine hotels, offices, retail and residential.  Our multidisciplinary design teams, with over a century of combined experience, work closely with clients to provide innovative, cost-effective design solutions while creating exceptional spaces that enhance and enrich the human experience.


B&A has been involved in a wide range of hospitality projects both in the United States and abroad. We combine years of experience and expertise to deliver design solutions that create exceptional spaces that enhance and enrich the human experience. B&A has worked with many of the major chains with the planning and design of new and redeveloped facilities, including: Starwood, Four Seasons, Marriott, Hyatt and Hilton to name a few.


B&A has a solid track record in developing user-friendly, cost-effective solutions for spaces that host a variety of educational and meeting activities.

B&A has designed award-winning  child development centers, prototype primary learning centers, elementary schools, prep schools and high schools. The firm has also designed new community college facilities, university classroom wing additions, campus-based conference centers, and has executed extensive architectural and interior renovations for colleges and universities. B&A’s experience extends to specialty facilities including medical schools and university hospitals.


B&A is recognized for providing healthcare clients with leading-edge designs in terms of functionality, cost-effective building systems, and aesthetically pleasing environments. Our Healthcare Architecture staff has many years of experience in the field, on a wide variety of projects, from general medical/surgical facilities to such specialized projects as laboratories, clinics, emergency rooms, food services, women’s centers, pharmacies and physician offices.

We understand the shift to alternative medical service delivery facilities, and the need for flexible design to accommodate changes in technology. Our staff is current with the many levels of regulation and licensing required for healthcare facilities, and we’ve proven that our design philosophy works.


B&A is the preeminent cruise terminal designer in the world, in addition to our designs for seaport warehouses and wharves. Our firm is also recognized for its successful and innovative application of technology to design of major transportation architecture projects. We use simulation technology in the design of terminals and circulation flows, and other state-of-the-art presentation technology, including imaging and computer animation.


B&A designs spaces that connect communities. Attention to detail is critical for municipalities. Our clients range in size and complexity from small towns and villages up to large metropolitan areas.  We understand the dynamics and economic pressures that most municipalities have and strive to be responsive not only those needs, but also to any budgetary and time/schedule constraints that may exist.  We know it’s not only about the design; it’s about the purpose of the design.


A comprehensive approach to residential projects, from site analysis through construction completion, distinguishes Bermello, Ajamil & Partners (B&A) from other architectural/engineering firms in Florida, the country and across the world.

B&A’s expansive residential portfolio serves as an undeniable testament to the quality of design the firm produces and yet it is the process which truly separates the firm from its competitors. By instituting an approach to design which incorporates both individual creativity and collective pragmatism, B&A facilitates an inclusive process which fosters better understanding of goals from the outset of the project through its completion.


Successful transportation design, engineering and infrastructure, are key to the quality of life we enjoy in our communities. B&A specializes in providing quality engineering and architectural design services to municipalities and agencies that both solve today’s challenges and are flexible enough to meet tomorrow’s needs. Our projects are designed for on-time, on-budget delivery, with tight quality control. We have a solid track record in developing cost-effective solutions that work.

Our firm and staff members have extensive experience with roadway design, traffic studies and engineering, all phases of water supply, treatment, distribution and storage, and wastewater collection, transmission, treatment, and disposal. In addition, the firm has a track record with public transportation and intermodal projects as well as construction services. B&A is thoroughly familiar with permitting agencies’ requirements.


B&A maintains vast experience with mixed-use developments and the implementation of projects of various scales that combine hotels, offices, retail and residential. B&A projects are each born of a creative, problem-solving process.

With special attention to placemaking, emphasizing the creative balance between memorable open spaces, and a mixture of uses and mobility balance, B&A works closely with clients to provide innovative, cost-effective design solutions, while creating exceptional spaces that enhance and enrich the human experience.