Cruise lines Port Authority Local Public Health Agency City or Country Third party Infectious Control Agency On Board Health Primary X Oversight Boarding Health Checks Primary Provides facilities Secondary Oversight Disembarking Health Checks Provides facilities Primary Oversight Destination Health Checks Provides facilities Primary Primary X Oversight Cruise lines can take care of activities within the vessels as well as their own destinations and that Ports can take care of facilities within their own boundaries. However, when it comes to public health and the interest of those communities that question has not been addressed. The matrix below provides one of many potential responsibility charts to accomplish the blueprint in its entirety. At the root is who takes control over public health issues on land for both, disembarking passengers to protect the community and for the embarking passengers to protect the guests. A CALL TO ACTION The industry needs to figure this chart out by location, by region and by destination. Then everyone needs to work on their area of responsibility. The key to be able to implement a cohesive plan is for the different parties with different responsibilities to work towards the common blueprint. As opposed to others, the Maritime Industry does not have a central agency or focal point that controls all aspects of it. Until today, the industry has been relying on a system of parts that combined come together to provide for the needs of the guests and the communities. This could lead the industry to generate disparate solutions to what should be a common approach or find themselves simply waiting for someone else to respond.