FUNDAMENTAL GOAL Fundamentally the cruise industry is the one travel product that can control its environment better than any other travel product on the market. The biggest strength is that if properly managed, the cruise industry can create the safest and healthiest environment for a customer, more so than any other travel product in the world because everything that comes on board has to come through a ship door, and as such if it can be measured it can be controlled. A unified cruise Indust ry can get ahead of the current dialogue by not only selling a desirable vacation product but ensure that it is the safest and healthiest way to travel. BACK TO THE PAST Public Health Agencies and Ports for years have not been focused on the public health implications of passengers arriving on the shores of various communities around the world. Passengers were after all assumed to be healthy. Public Health departments checked for cleanliness of a cruise ship and the quality of the food supply, but not for the public health of those embarking or disembarking at a particular port. Cursory questionnaires did not prove to be an effective means of identifying disease. Historically, prior to the Jet Age, ships moved people and goods around the world and therefore epidemics along with them. Nothing is more iconic than the shields used around the mooring lines so that rats would not jump ashore bringing the Bubonic Plague to a country. At that time the public health was of preeminent concern in the arrival or departure of a vessel. Due to the World’s tremendous success in protecting public health this practice was put aside. However, it is evident this role needs to be prioritized once again. HEALTH AS A PREEMINENT CONCERN