BRING BACK CUSTOMERS PROTECT COMMUNITIES THE BLUEPRINT BRING BACK INVESTORS THE COMPLEXITY OF THE ISSUE As opposed to prior health issues that the travel industry has dealt with, COVID 19 poses a more complex series of issues for the cruise industry that go well beyond the hull of a ship. It is not simply about having a virus free environment on-board, but it is also about the public health of the places cruise ships embark from and destinations visited; it is about the total passenger journey. This blueprint has to be a long-term sustainable game plan that will provide the necessary assurances to the financial markets to reengage in the needed reinvestment that the industry is going to need to pay for the debt accumulated during the shutdown period and the communities will need to support the effort. The plan needs to address these three questions: • How does the industry assure passengers that it will be safe to cruise while maintaining the cruise experience that has made the cruise product successful as both a vacation experience and a business model worldwide? • How does the industry assure communities that it is safe for ships to arrive at their shores and assist the ports and destinations in providing a safe environment for the cruise guest during their stay? • How does the industry assure the financial markets of stability to provide long-term capital for newbuilds and critical infrastructure projects? The nature of these issues means that this cannot be done by one entity and in fact, should be done by multiple entities, as they have different constituencies and requirements.