T he PANDEMIC has left immediate short-term impacts from which we will recover; but more importantly it has planted the seeds for profound social change. The shutdown of our social events and the limiting of people’s lives to the confines of their homes and neighborhoods has left people hungry to return to normalcy, to social events, entertainment, arts and to travel. In the long term, society might be moving to more work from home, retail by internet, healthcare by App. leaving an undeniable desire for more social interaction and travel. Ironically, the travel industry which has been impacted the most might be the largest beneficiary of the long term rebound, but only if it is safe. The cruise industry has the ability to meet that challenge better than most. The COVID 19 pandemic requires a robust unified and consistent response from the Cruise Industry as it seeks to restart its business, gain consumer acceptance, meet the public health needs of the communities and bring confidence back to the financial markets. Any approach that is not holistic will be counterproductive at the end. The purpose of this document is to provide a holistic blueprint to stimulate discussions and hopefully agreement on a path forward. To execute this plan will require many parties but it all needs to be coordinated under a single blueprint. A BLUEPRINT FOR A HEALTHY CRUISE INDUSTRY