COMPANY PROFILE Bermello Ajamil & Partners, Inc. (B&A) is a global interdisciplinary A/E firm established in 1939. Offering services that include Architecture, Engineering, Planning, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design and Construction Services, B&A serves various market sectors consisting of Maritime, Municipal, Aviation, Commercial, Residential, Healthcare, Education, and Transportation. Headquartered in Miami, with offices in Florida, New York and Denmark, B&A is recognized for its award-winning designs and extraordinary service that spans over 75 years and 6 continents. A comprehensive approach to residential projects, from site analysis through construction completion, distinguishes Bermello, Ajamil & Partners (B&A) from other architectural/engineering firms in Florida, the country and across the world. B&A’s expansive residential portfolio serves as an undeniable testament to the quality of design the firm produces and yet it is the process which truly separates the firm from its competitors. By instituting an approach to design which incorporates both individual creativity and collective pragmatism, B&A facilitates an inclusive process which fosters better understanding of goals from the outset of the project through its completion. Our professional staff of over 100 talented individuals is always committed to embracing the client’s vision and needs first. With an abiding promise to our clients and the communities that we serve, B&A has the unique expertise to connect projects on an intimate level and constantly evolve the quality of life in regions around the world. We have continuously developed innovative design technologies resulting in solutions that provide intelligent, sustainable and enrich the built environment.