Cruise Terminal Simulation Software

B&A SIMULATION SOFTWARE AND EXPERIENCE | 2 In addition, the simulator can be instructed to include certain behaviors such as social distancing, separation of queue lines, etc. Typically, simulations include Check-in, Customs, Immigrations, Luggage, Vehicle and Security processes and model building systems such as elevators, escalators, etc. Customs and Border Protection Area Ticketing / Waiting Area Security Area The simulator will integrate the interior passenger flows with exterior vehicle operations, and will simulate curbside operations and specific zones such as taxis, private vehicles (POVs), buses or coaches, shuttles, ride-share areas, parking and other transportation zones. The software will produce analytical results, measure key performance indicators (KPIs), as well as graphic representation including videos which can be played in real time or accelerated to view outcomes. The model will allow for inputs to planned arrival chronograph patterns, demand and provide for hours of operations, staffing levels, etc.