Cruise Terminal Simulation Software

B&A SIMULATION SOFTWARE AND EXPERIENCE | 1 B&A was one of the first companies in the world to use advanced simulation to evaluate the efficiency and design of places that involve large numbers of people and flows with multiple checkpoints. The simulation software was originally created for Aviation sector and over time the software expanded to involve multiple flows, over complex and began to track and link people, luggage and goods. Subsequently, the software began to include interfaces for expediting travel such as people movers, moving sidewalks and trains. A separate software simulation package was then used to simulate outside traffic flows, curbside operations and loading and offloading of vehicles. The software is fully integrated where an entire project can be linked and the simulation can cover everything from traffic entering the perimeter of a site, simulate vehicular traffic flows and operations (Including signalization), simulate passengers and luggage and include all levels of process, staffing and rules. As a result of the advances in the programming, complexity and sizing of the tracking numbers, the software has been used in a large number of settings by B&A. However, the most utilization is focused on passenger cruise and ferry terminals. The software can estimate operating manpower and the simulation can include characteristics of the people using the facility, from age, demographic makeup, mix of disabled or families with children. ADVANCED BUILDING SIMULATION F O R T H E C R U I S E I N D U S T R Y