BA has been the leader in preparing cruise market analyses for the global cruise industry and remains as the top expert internationally. With world-renowned keynote speakers and thought leaders leading the firm’s practice, we have regularly provided our insight into the marketplace, cruise facility design, and operations. Over the past year we have focused much of our time on providing our expertise on critical issues to allow for a swift and safe return of cruise tourism to the world stage.

While we are only a small piece of the solution, we understand that the return of cruising requires a robust, unified, and consistent response from the cruise industry to the COVID 19 pandemic. We have tracked the potential recovery and provided market guidance for clients, as well as built a Cruise Recovery Resource Center which tracks cruise brand deployments, National policies on COVID protocols as indicators of cruise opening options, and an overview of COVID passenger cases to date for the global fleet. Our leaders provide guidance through presentations and workshops to the cruise community worldwide and we provide our perspectives via regular Cruise Bulletins published, sent to 2,000 key personnel at cruise lines, ports, government, and media.

Our cruise resources are here to help guide a holistic approach, stimulate discussions, and provide solutions to the industry on multiple fronts.