B&A strives to be at the forefront of technological advancements in the field of design and planning, and we understand the importance of incorporating these technologies in our work.

This is why B&A has invested in UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) technology or drones, due to the added value that it will bring to our clients. We firmly believe that this new UAV technology will revolutionize the way we approach the architectural and planning process.

Through the use of drones, our design team now has access to a nearly infinite number of angles, scales, and elevations, and still-imagery that has been previously elusive.

Benefits of UAV Aerial Footage and Surveying includes:

  • Accurate Survey: Generates reliable and accurate surveys in a fraction of the time, improving site planning and quality control
  • BIM Integration: Captured data can be exported to numerous file types and imported to Revit, SketchUp, and 3Ds Max.
  • Progress Tracking: Progress tracking via “flight missions” can be programmed to the drone. These missions can be re-flown and compared against previous models to monitor progress.
  • Photography & Video: Captures high resolution photography and high definition video which can be used to create 2D data, and through the use of photogrammetry software, can also generate 3D data (interactive models).


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