Bermello Ajamil and Partners, Inc., has successfully completed the Antigua Cruise Port Pier project. The project, an impressive 50-ft wide, 695-ft long pile-supported structure, was completed on time and within budget. The Antigua Pier has four main components: The Pier, a wharf and concrete apron that connect to the main street and Heritage Pier commercial area, an 18-foot wide and 600-foot long timber boardwalk that connects the new Pier to the existing Heritage Pier, and the dredging of 166,000 cubic meters of sand at the berthing.

The project also features the installation of solar lighting along the Pier and portable water provisions to service the cruise ships. The Pier, capable of accommodating the Oasis-class vessels (the largest in the industry), was developed in St. John’s, Antigua & Barbuda as part of the Cruise Port Development project.